Wilbur Wright said of flight, "More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination." The Sonoran Aeroplane Company was built from a passion for flight in all its forms. We have chosen the timeless classic biplane to reintroduce you to what the aviators of yesteryear experienced. Let us take you back in time and together, return to the romance of flight.


The Airplane

Scarlet, our Waco (pronounced like "Taco") YMF-5C is the result of over 5000 hours of loving, dedicated, and passionate labor…by true aircraft craftsman. A design born in the mid-30’s from the Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio, the YMF represents an era when aviation was still quite young, but evoked a visceral thrill coupled with a sense of timeless romance that is all but lost. Scarlet entered this world in 1998 combining over 300 improvements to the original model, while staying true to a beautiful idea. New, stronger materials, and build techniques are hidden under her beautiful red coat. While she may be young at heart, she is an old soul and is ready to return you to a time of romance, adventure, and the beauty of flight.


Our Waco YMF5C...affectionately called Scarlet. 
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Remember to bring a companion! All prices include two passengers!

‘Round the patch!: A term used by flyers to take a quick flight around the airport (patch). This is a short flight, but will give you the experience from the old barnstorming days when pilots would drop into a farmer’s field and offer a quick flight. 10-12 minutes of flight time. (Sunset option not available on this flight) $139.00

North/South: Flyers choice! The northern route will take you up and over Sun City to the open desert to the north. You will have a lofty view of our beautifully rugged deserts. The southern route will take you down to the Estrella (Spanish for “star”) Mountains where you will cross over the Saguaro studded mountain and return.  About 30 minutes of flight time. $249.00

Lake: You will take off and head north to Beautiful Lake Pleasant, home to the majestic Bald Eagle. Take a leisurely trip around the southern end of the lake and then back through the desert to Glendale Airport.  About 40 minutes of flight time. $329.00

Star: Point the nose south and head towards the east side of the Estrella Mountains. You will cruise down the east side of the mountain and along the Gila River. If you are lucky, you will see some of Arizona’s wild horses…just look for their dusty trails. About 40 minutes of flight time. $329.00

Sonoran: This is our Signature flight and last a full hour! It includes the sunset option if you choose. We can make recommendations on routing or work with you to fully customize the flight! Please keep in mind, there are limits to where we can fly but we will do our best to accommodate your request. $479.00

* We have a sunset flight option for an additional fee of $45.00.
* We offer a 10% discount to Veterans (both active and retired) and First Responders.    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fly?

We can accommodate 2 people with a weight limit of 420 pounds total. There is a bench seat that is 32 inches wide.We want you to share the experience so we don't charge for another person!

What should I wear?

Remember, you will be in an open cockpit airplane...so dress to your personal comfort level. Think of it like riding in a beautiful red convertible at 80 mph! A light jacket during the cooler months would be advisable. We do ask the ladies, if you are wearing heels, bring an alternate pair of shoes. This is for both your comfort and protection of the airplane. A heel can easily puncture the fabric on the wings. Women should also pull their hair back...to avoid tangles! Might want to bring a brush or comb too!


Is it safe?

Flying is very safe! Your aviators have earned the highest possible level of pilot certification awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airplane is maintained to the exacting standards of both the manufacture and the FAA. If its not safe, we will not fly.

Can I bring a camera?

Sure! But we ask that you have a lanyard attached and keep it secured to your wrist to prevent it from falling from the airplane. If you want to use your cell phone, please do so but we recommend keeping it INSIDE the cockpit. We would hate for your to lose your cell phone overboard! Also, there is a potential for it to hit the aircraft causing damage. A better option is let us take care of the photography while you enjoy the experience! Check out our video/photography options.

Age limits?

None really. We do ask that children have an adult with them when they fly. For those that need an extra "boost" to see over the rails of the airplane, cushions will be provided. The only other consideration is the ability to get in and out of the airplane.

Forms of payment?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex. Discover. Please, no checks.

Do you fly at night?

Not yet! The airplane is perfectly capable and equipped for night flying, however, we have chosen not to do it at this time. We will explore the option in the future if there is a demand. We do however offer a sunset flight option for an additional fee. We will also fly at sunrise by special request and for an additional fee. We like (need) our beauty sleep!

Do you do aerobatics?


We love going upside down, but right now, we are not offering aerobatic flights. Check back though!

Is it scary?

Not at all! In fact, it is a soul stirring experience that you will not soon forget!

What if the weather is bad?

Arizona is a great place to fly but sometimes Mother Nature can be unpredictable and we fully respect her power. If the weather or high winds do not favor an enjoyable and safe flight, we will reschedule or offer a refund. If you have a question about the weather on flight day, give us a call.

Can we fly over my house?

It depends on where you live! Let us know where you live and we will do our best to accommodate your request. The flight time cannot exceed the time allotted for your flight. We can customize a flight by request only. We are FAA limited to a 28 statue mile radius from the Glendale Airport. The airplane goes 80mph...so keep that in mind when considering where you might want to fly.

We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your flight. This will allow us to complete the boring administrative stuff. You can relax comfortably in the lounge area.

What time should we be there?

We have tried to cover the most asked questions here....but if you have another question, please, feel free to reach out! We love talking to our customers! We want this to be an experience like no other!



The Sonoran Aeroplane Company supports local businesses as well organizations that are inline with our values. Please consider visiting these fine folks or supporting their cause. Click on the buttons to visit them!

Steve at Classic Biplane Tours in Louisville has been a longtime friend as well as mentor. He is an exceptional pilot and offers Waco rides in the Louisville area. Tell him we said hi!

Jeremy and Michelle at the Something Special Cafe at Glendale Airport are great folks making great and healthy food! We are regulars there...and you should be too!

You would be hard pressed to find a better advocate for classic aviation than Dewey Davenport at Goodfolk & O'Tymes Biplane Rides near Dayton Ohio, the birthplace of aviaiton! Dewey was born 100 years too late! We are honored to call him friend!

Carl and the folks at Glendale Aero Services are always there to lend a hand! They take great care of Scarlet! From fuel to maintenance...or flying stories, give them a shout!

The Arizona Wing of the Civil Air Patrol is a true asset to this nation. Easily the best CAP Wing in the US, they not only provide life saving emergency services, they mentor the next generation of Americans leaders! Support their efforts! From ages 12-112, they need your support!

Having supported our Special Operations Forces (SOF), I know first hand their truly heroic deeds...and their sacrifices. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation supports the spouses and children of our fallen SOF heroes by giving them the chance at a higher education. Consider supporting them.

Joe Stenger, a fellow veteran and F-35 pilot, his team is dedicated to empowering and enhancing the lives of Afghan women through the sale of handmade scarves. Please join us in supporting their life changing efforts!

A picture..or video..is worth a thousand words!

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